Healthivores is a health and wellness program that engages students in projects and activities that encourage them to think and take action on their personal health and that of others in their community. The first project from the Healthivores program, Healthivores Video Game Project, guides students through the process of designing their own video games that teach a lesson of health. This project has become an annual contest with entries from kids across the nation. Learn More

Million Mile Month is an innovative challenge to get people completing one million miles of physical activity together, in one month, as one collective community. To pump up the fun factor, we will have giveaways that will be awarded at both personal and community wide milestones. MMM isn't just for the athletes of the world, MMM is for EVERYONE. We want people to get outside and have fun getting active with friends, family, pets and neighbors. Learn More

Green Ribbon Schools is a shared knowledge network where teachers and school organizations can publicly document the projects they are doing each year on their campus, while earning recognition and awards. The website is not only a great resource to find projects that are happening at other schools that are a great fit for your campus, but it also acts as an on-going resume for your club or classroom. Learn More

The Energy Patrol, a new STEM program currently under development, engages kids in the understanding and conservation of energy through project based learning techniques that employ 21st century technology tools. Students research and investigate energy production and use, track and record the usage levels at their school and home, implement conservation awareness techniques at their school through creating energy-based video games and PSAs, and then record the reduction in energy consumption as a result of their efforts.